Blog Entry 72116

Well I guess thats enough of me blabbing about a sport that I’ve never actually play in. Average speed for pro racer is 60 km/h my max speed is 43 km/h hahaha. Let’s talk about why we ride.

Well, let’s start with the superficial. A road bike is cool, the low profile, the sleek shape, the horizontal upper tube, and not to mention curves sexy enough to put some on my exs to shame. This is partially due to the desire for aerodynamics but mostly because riders have good taste when it comes to bikes. On a side note, did you know you can start to lose up to one third of your energy output due to air drag starting from the 30km/h mark.

Next is that they are fast, even amateur riders like me can pouch the 50km/h on a straight if I try really really hard, enough to cough my lunch. Downhill Guiness World Record is 222km/h on a prototype bike-I got lazy and Wikied.

And lastly the Runners high, also known as the Zone or Trance or The Emperors Will. Anyone’s who’s ever lost a pound of flesh to a sport knows what I am talking about. Our bodies are a bag of chemicals, which chemicals goes to which part of the bag at which moment in time defines what we call emotions. And physical exertions make a feel-good chemical flows into the part of the brain that makes us happy and we becomes less tired for a bit while the feel good chemicals do its work. The good part is the body doesn’t built tolerance to this cause of biology, so it’s kinda like safe dope for dummies. That’s what keeps us coming back the wind in our hair and the sun on our backs. That’s what makes crossing the finish line that much more satisfying.

So now you know, don’t waste money on weed or smokes or drugs, your body makes oodles of the stuff, you just gotta know how to milk it for all its worth.

o Graveyard Crown o


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