Mountain Bicycle – The off-road kings

Talk about bicycle, how could we not mention the King of the OFF-Road?

In the 19th century, not many roads had been paved, surface still full with dirt, rock and mud which was too rough to ride. Mountain bicycle came along to solve the problem.

And these day, mountain bicycle are used in most Asia country and for SPORT purpose.

Special technical design

Unlike Road bicycle, Mountain bicycle has:

  • Bigger type of tire
  • Straight handlebar
  • Suspension front and rear

With these special design, it make the King heavier than Road bicycle, average weight is between 14 to 16 kg. However, due to the heavier frame, it stay more balance than other type of bike, capable to traverse the highlands with perfect speed.

Mountain Biking..

is a sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Mountain biking give you opportunity to experience the sense of freedom, discover different places, meet great people. Mountain Biking is a sport that could be enjoyed by many people at a same time, and it is where your limits are your imagination.

Easier to understand, Mountain Biking is going up the hill or mountain then, feel free to bike down. Mountain biking can be enjoyed anywhere from forest tracks, coastal paths, open moorland to hills and mountainous terrain.

If you want to take part in Mountain Biking, the advise is going with groups or club. They will help you to learn the basic, tricks and keep you safe while biking. Learn from friends, and going hands-on are the best ways to master this sport.


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