Blog Entry 71716

Lets start this one off with a anime recommendation. The movie is called Nasu: Andalusia no Natsu.

If you glance through you will notice the familiar art style. That’s the because this is one of Ghibli animation director rare stint at solo movie making. But don’t let that put you off, Ghibli head director Miyazaki chooses his employee like a millionaire chooses his bank in economic down turn. The art is top tier and compliments the theme perfectly. The story is the light-hearted gut punch that makes it all the more interesting.
Anyways the theme is road racing, covering a small leg of the race, focusing on a single sprinter and his story. The story reminds me of Hemingway’s Fiesta: The sun also rises. The beauty of the scenery, the sweetness of victory is mellowed by the bitter of things that weren’t meant to be and thing we can’t do anything about. And the hero’s home turf victory troupe didn’t hurt at all.
Well, rewatching it to write this post made me all emotional, the light rain just hones the mood. So yeah, if you aren’t one to shy away from emotional story with subtle execution and a beautiful soundtrack running over a art work made by a master, have a watch. I trust yall know where to get it illegally or otherwise. Imma leave you to your devices so I won’t have to testify in court.

o Graveyard Crown o


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