Blog Entry 71616

So yesterday I introduced the player in the game of cycling, this time let me introduce the banes and boons of this harsh, harsh sports.

To accompany the 3 types of racers I mentioned the day before, there are 3 types of victory.
The green jerseys are awarded to sprinters for being the firsts to get past checkpoints or stage finishes. These are mostly on flats. Team will go in full formation or an breakaway group of 2-4 riders to try to aim for the checkpoints. This is where a sprinter’s mad dash comes in handy, when they no longer have to pull their team in a breakaway, they are at their fastest.

The red polka-dots on white are the King of the Mountains. These are given to the first to reach the top of peaks such as grueling hills or mountains. For the most part, only teams with confident climbers will put a member forth to compete for this as anyone trying to win this will end up finishing last. For them the prize is the conquering the wind and gravity be be the first going down the slope on the other side. The only requirement is that they finish before the eliminating bell.

Finally comes the Yellow Jersey. This is the ones to end all awards, for some teams this is the only jersey worth fighting for, everything else is pretty window dressing. The Yellow Jersey is the mantle of the winner, the overall winner of all the legs of the race and the first to cross the finish line. The only one who stands at the podium center with a bottle of champagne and 2 half naked announcer kissing you on either side of your cheeks. Every first time win for a team is their Crowning, they ascension to the throne, to defend it against challengers.

o Graveyard Crown o

Picture source: Montage image including Major Taylor (in the center) found in an online historic newspaper, an issue of The Daily World, from December 1908.


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