Blog Entry 71416

The last blog was about what a road bike essentially is, this time lets talk a bit about ancient history.

In the beginning people raced with whatever they have, the first races was between the upper class men with enough money to buy a bicycle. Which at the time looked a lot different from what we know as a road bike today.
Actually they aren’t even called that, the term was velocipede, “veloci”- was Latin for fast and -“pede” was for feet. Now have have a guess at what centipede means.
As times progressed so did technology. Eventually had transmission and breaks, something we take as granted on current bikes. Bikes grow to look a bunch of different ways, the velocipedes range from resembling the unicycle, the tricycle, the quad-cycle to the current mamachari. Yeah, the mamachari we all love to hate was amongst the first bicycles. As for the rest, only the unicycle survives to be used for commercial purposes, the tricycle was delegated to teaching children how to ride and the quad-cycle was agreed to be a mistake and pretended to have never happened

o Graveyard Crown o

Picture link:…/a…/Penny-farthing%201_0.jpg…


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