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Well I guess thats enough of me blabbing about a sport that I’ve never actually play in. Average speed for pro racer is 60 km/h my max speed is 43 km/h hahaha. Let’s talk about why we ride.

Well, let’s start with the superficial. A road bike is cool, the low profile, the sleek shape, the horizontal upper tube, and not to mention curves sexy enough to put some on my exs to shame. This is partially due to the desire for aerodynamics but mostly because riders have good taste when it comes to bikes. On a side note, did you know you can start to lose up to one third of your energy output due to air drag starting from the 30km/h mark.

Next is that they are fast, even amateur riders like me can pouch the 50km/h on a straight if I try really really hard, enough to cough my lunch. Downhill Guiness World Record is 222km/h on a prototype bike-I got lazy and Wikied.

And lastly the Runners high, also known as the Zone or Trance or The Emperors Will. Anyone’s who’s ever lost a pound of flesh to a sport knows what I am talking about. Our bodies are a bag of chemicals, which chemicals goes to which part of the bag at which moment in time defines what we call emotions. And physical exertions make a feel-good chemical flows into the part of the brain that makes us happy and we becomes less tired for a bit while the feel good chemicals do its work. The good part is the body doesn’t built tolerance to this cause of biology, so it’s kinda like safe dope for dummies. That’s what keeps us coming back the wind in our hair and the sun on our backs. That’s what makes crossing the finish line that much more satisfying.

So now you know, don’t waste money on weed or smokes or drugs, your body makes oodles of the stuff, you just gotta know how to milk it for all its worth.

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Mountain Bicycle – The off-road kings

Talk about bicycle, how could we not mention the King of the OFF-Road?

In the 19th century, not many roads had been paved, surface still full with dirt, rock and mud which was too rough to ride. Mountain bicycle came along to solve the problem.

And these day, mountain bicycle are used in most Asia country and for SPORT purpose.

Special technical design

Unlike Road bicycle, Mountain bicycle has:

  • Bigger type of tire
  • Straight handlebar
  • Suspension front and rear

With these special design, it make the King heavier than Road bicycle, average weight is between 14 to 16 kg. However, due to the heavier frame, it stay more balance than other type of bike, capable to traverse the highlands with perfect speed.

Mountain Biking..

is a sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Mountain biking give you opportunity to experience the sense of freedom, discover different places, meet great people. Mountain Biking is a sport that could be enjoyed by many people at a same time, and it is where your limits are your imagination.

Easier to understand, Mountain Biking is going up the hill or mountain then, feel free to bike down. Mountain biking can be enjoyed anywhere from forest tracks, coastal paths, open moorland to hills and mountainous terrain.

If you want to take part in Mountain Biking, the advise is going with groups or club. They will help you to learn the basic, tricks and keep you safe while biking. Learn from friends, and going hands-on are the best ways to master this sport.

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Lets start this one off with a anime recommendation. The movie is called Nasu: Andalusia no Natsu.

If you glance through you will notice the familiar art style. That’s the because this is one of Ghibli animation director rare stint at solo movie making. But don’t let that put you off, Ghibli head director Miyazaki chooses his employee like a millionaire chooses his bank in economic down turn. The art is top tier and compliments the theme perfectly. The story is the light-hearted gut punch that makes it all the more interesting.
Anyways the theme is road racing, covering a small leg of the race, focusing on a single sprinter and his story. The story reminds me of Hemingway’s Fiesta: The sun also rises. The beauty of the scenery, the sweetness of victory is mellowed by the bitter of things that weren’t meant to be and thing we can’t do anything about. And the hero’s home turf victory troupe didn’t hurt at all.
Well, rewatching it to write this post made me all emotional, the light rain just hones the mood. So yeah, if you aren’t one to shy away from emotional story with subtle execution and a beautiful soundtrack running over a art work made by a master, have a watch. I trust yall know where to get it illegally or otherwise. Imma leave you to your devices so I won’t have to testify in court.

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So yesterday I introduced the player in the game of cycling, this time let me introduce the banes and boons of this harsh, harsh sports.

To accompany the 3 types of racers I mentioned the day before, there are 3 types of victory.
The green jerseys are awarded to sprinters for being the firsts to get past checkpoints or stage finishes. These are mostly on flats. Team will go in full formation or an breakaway group of 2-4 riders to try to aim for the checkpoints. This is where a sprinter’s mad dash comes in handy, when they no longer have to pull their team in a breakaway, they are at their fastest.

The red polka-dots on white are the King of the Mountains. These are given to the first to reach the top of peaks such as grueling hills or mountains. For the most part, only teams with confident climbers will put a member forth to compete for this as anyone trying to win this will end up finishing last. For them the prize is the conquering the wind and gravity be be the first going down the slope on the other side. The only requirement is that they finish before the eliminating bell.

Finally comes the Yellow Jersey. This is the ones to end all awards, for some teams this is the only jersey worth fighting for, everything else is pretty window dressing. The Yellow Jersey is the mantle of the winner, the overall winner of all the legs of the race and the first to cross the finish line. The only one who stands at the podium center with a bottle of champagne and 2 half naked announcer kissing you on either side of your cheeks. Every first time win for a team is their Crowning, they ascension to the throne, to defend it against challengers.

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Picture source: Montage image including Major Taylor (in the center) found in an online historic newspaper, an issue of The Daily World, from December 1908.

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Well, now that we’ve gotten the boring part out of the way, let’s move on to the real content of this blog. So allow me the pleasure of introducing you to the beautiful sport of road-racing.

Most races last from one day without rest to a whole week with daily or periodic rests. This is also the main criteria for classifying races, either a one-day race or a multiple day race.

As for riders, there are 3 basic roles. The climber, sprinter and then the glorious seat of team ace. The sprinter excels on flats, either with sustained high speed or mad, all-consuming dashes that can reach ridiculous speeds, pulling the rest of the team through long straight roads which usually last for the majority of a race. The climber is the master of hills and mountains, unlike sprinters, they usually are lighter, smaller frame and lesser built. All of these features allow them to go at the highest stable speed uphill. And finally we have the ace. In cycling, more often than not, the game is a war of attrition. Every attack is a gamble, because you put more pressure on you ace to not fall too far behind. The ace is the sleeper agent, the javelin of the ballista. The sprinters and climber pull the team through the majority of the race. In the last legs, its the ace’s turn to show out, and put the team on the podium. The ace usually is a sprinter with very high sustainable top speed, he is able to do this because during the other part of the race, his team blocks wind and other rider from draining him. Ace’s last mad dash for the finish line are either the lonely solo ride if the ace is the only rider to make it through the trials, leaving his team behind or accompanied by one babysitter, usually a sprinter that still has enough strength to ensure his victory.

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Picture’s source: Twenty-four-year-old Jacob Schwoob of Cody on his one-gear racing bike, 1898. In the 1890s there were at least two bicycle clubs in Cheyenne and one each in Laramie and Rawlins, putting on races, advocating for bike paths and organizing social events. American Heritage Center.

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The last blog was about what a road bike essentially is, this time lets talk a bit about ancient history.

In the beginning people raced with whatever they have, the first races was between the upper class men with enough money to buy a bicycle. Which at the time looked a lot different from what we know as a road bike today.
Actually they aren’t even called that, the term was velocipede, “veloci”- was Latin for fast and -“pede” was for feet. Now have have a guess at what centipede means.
As times progressed so did technology. Eventually had transmission and breaks, something we take as granted on current bikes. Bikes grow to look a bunch of different ways, the velocipedes range from resembling the unicycle, the tricycle, the quad-cycle to the current mamachari. Yeah, the mamachari we all love to hate was amongst the first bicycles. As for the rest, only the unicycle survives to be used for commercial purposes, the tricycle was delegated to teaching children how to ride and the quad-cycle was agreed to be a mistake and pretended to have never happened

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Picture link:…/a…/Penny-farthing%201_0.jpg…


YOU LIVE ONLY ONCE, so DO NOT YOLO while riding bicycle LOL



You won’t get any ticket, but we gonna see you in hospital. SEE YA! And Hospitals fee are a bitch with or without insurance.


Watch out the Front Wheel, Brake, Light, Tire….. Or….They can become loose if they aren’t tightened to appropriate torque before a bumpy ride.


If you DO WANT your head bump up and down on the ground, DO NOT wear a helmet.


We are VISIBLE, are we? If not, let’s check if you are human or not. Well, humanity aside, a black shirt on back riding pants in the unlit streets of midnight Beppu is practically invisible to a car until 3-10 meters, that’s close enough to smell you before they see us.


GIVE SIGNAL before you TURN, and remember to look both ways..


NOT every car have eyes. Better safe then sorry.


– GIRLS BEHIND !!!!!!!!!

– WUT.. (Bump)….

Not every chick in minishirt is worth a broken leg.


but not as fast as them. KEEP BEING A PREDICTABLE RIDER, it’s SAFER.


– Isn’t your butt too high today?


not the opposite side, or we will have FAST and FURIOUS 9: The BICYCLE RIDE



complete_logoexcept in Beppu, cause it has no bicycle lane.

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